Title/Desc Edit Appeal: Prime Corner Mural

Title of the Wayspot: Prime Corner Mural

Location: 39.3288,-76.629386

City: Baltimore

Country: USA


Title Rejection:

Description Rejection:

This is a follow-up to the photo cleanup appeal thread here.

I want to get the portal updated with the correct title and description.

The mural at that location was painted in 2021 by a local artist named Bridget Cimino. The title of the mural is called: Arcimboldo Yoga Figure. This is the website of the muralist, which confirms this.

Could the edits which I proposed be used for this portal?

Title: Arcimboldo Yoga Figure Mural

Description: Mural of fruits and vegetable people doing yoga poses. Mural by artist Bridget Cimino, 2021

Here is a screenshot of the portal key to confirm:



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