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I need your help to make an improvement. I have already contacted the support and they wanted to address this again in the team.

Original text:

Why isn’t there a way that all POI’s are available in all Niantic games? So far our friends have been connected in all games but why not the POI’s? After all, they all rely on a common database. It’s a lot of work, depending on the region, to make a stop appear in the game. It’s nice to have us involved. But then we don’t want to hear “We may use it in the future”. – No, then let it appear too.

The main problem is the cell system used, because the cells for Pokestops are simply too large and many things can not be submitted or even appear in Pokemon. But these too have their raison d’être. We also want to have more or bigger places available.

Wayfarer is getting more and more frustrating and it’s a pity that Pokemon players in particular are being deceived on this point, because

• How many stops are there for us Pokemon players?,

• People do the work submit and rate for upgrades but only get the answer that they have been declined,

• or you get the promise and still nothing appears, although it has been accepted by both authorities,

• we submit for all games, but benefit from only a fraction and

• Players of other games submit things we can’t benefit from

Currently only players can really benefit from Ingress.

Want to try out new features at PokeStops? Then please make it available first of all, which there are in your other games just not in Pokemon.

We understand that you want to get us to go out more and do something. Please don’t do that. Then rather reduce the ranges but give us all stops via a general and all-encompassing database.

The system is simply outdated and we want a revolution here too. Please reconsider this point and develop general rules that apply to all games, so that we all benefit from it!

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    I'm good with NIANTIC choosing which waypoints are used and which rules apply regarding cells for each game. The games are developed to be played differently so it makes sense.


    Niantic is making use of "volunteers" to collect and review a database of waypoints with photos (and AR mapping for some). A win for players in general who get loads of waypoints to play Niantic games. Most all being waypoints Niantic would never have found. In Japan the post offices are all waypoints because they are on online maps and easy for Niantic to find.

    A BIG win for Niantic who can use it as a database in all their games as well as sell access to it to game developers (and for possibly data mining).

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    @1253mi-PGO Stops are there to explore and rediscover the area. It makes a difference to have a playground more or less. But this does not change the meaning of a game. No, it gives you one more incentive to get out there and do something in the game.

    Yes we are "volunteers" to collect and review a database of waypoints with photos and AR mapping. That shouldn't change either.

    And yes, of course every waypoints is WIN for all of us and yes we play Niantic games. And yes the most of the waypoints would not have found Niantic like that. We have the option of submitting them for this. But that takes a lot of time and then we also want to benefit from it and use it in the games. This simply ensures more fairness, as everyone can use it and no game is disadvantaged, and more solidarity between the games.

    And yes it is more a BIG win for Niantic who can use it as a database in all their games as well as sell access to it to game developers (and for possibly data mining). Also here.. more is more. For us and for Niantic.

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    In that case, maybe you should select better which tags you use, because I don't see the relationship between your post and tags like Upgrades, Criteria, bugs, Updates, Location Edits, ... other tags might have a pass, but the missing one is: Pokemon Go.

    Your frustration is with Pokemon Go and how they decided to use the PoI approved in Wayfarer.

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    As your issue seems to be mainly Pokémon GO related you’d have to contact that team.

    I have already contacted the support and they wanted to address this again in the team.

    I can see you’ve said you’ve already done that however so I wanted to ask what their response was. I agree with all of @Shilfiell-ING ’s points too.

    Pokémon GO has had benefits that no other game has had too, such as increased interaction distance.

  • Don't take this personally, but why is it that when we refer to Ingress rules being more lax, it's labeled as "difference between games", but when it's PoGo having the upper hand it's labeled as "advantages"?

    I'm quite curious.

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    In Pokémon GO, there’s no difference between one PokéStop and another. You’ll get the same selection of items.

    In Ingress, you’ll need the keys for strategic planning, and can influence the items you get from hacks by installing mods and such.

    When it comes to POI placement, it doesn’t matter in Pokémon GO. It does matter on Ingress for fielding.

    I’m curious also, as to what advantages, if any, you think Ingress has over Pokémon GO?

    Don’t worry about taking it personally, I do play Pokémon GO too, but I understand the need for the differences between the two. (Though I still maintain the extra distance thing was blown out of proportion and only kept due to whinging from several players acting entitled)

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    The obvious thing jngress gets better than any game is the amount of pois, as up until recently, they got every single one that appeared in any game (its changed slightly as pogo no longer needs to the 20m rule, but even then, you can like that pokestops picture and it will appear in ingress). Could also argue that ingress has a place to air their grievances with the game, that being the forums, which pokemon does not have at all (unless something gets trending in twitter)

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    I agree that it sucks that Pokémon GO folks have no forum of their own to air their concerns. Just goes into the void of the in game support.

    But it’s not clear who a decision for that would rest with.

    As I mentioned, no one PokéStop is better or different to another (until that powering up thing comes in I guess) whereas for Ingress, portals may be good anchors or strategic out of the way trig points/similar that are used for operations.

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    Ingress rules for how many times you can interact with an individual POI are much more strict, but I don't see Ingress players calling for a total removal of portal burnout because Pokemon Go has an advantage. Pokemon Go has actual things on the ground to interact with even when there are no POIs - and that's fine, it's just the differences between games. And a lot of players play both games and have achieved high levels, and those are the ones whose opinions I value most.

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    Well, here's an opinion of hybrid player. Level 47 in Pogo and Recursed in Ingress.

    In Ingress the 20 meters distance restriction is reasonable, intuitive and understandable.

    In Pogo the cell based restriction is the opposite and creates needless frustration for nominators. (The recent removal of the 20 meters distance restriction is either a bug or big mistake.)

    And yes, if the Pogo cell restrictions were fine tuned, also the item output and UI (size of gyms for example) should be fine tuned as well.

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    I think a lot of the frustration for submitters could be resolved if Niantic was more transparent (well, transparent to any degree) about how items populate onto the various game maps. More education is certainly less labor-intensive than redesigning the entire user interface to make objects smaller, and then tweaking the mechanism to include some form of burnout or item reduction from spins. The vast majority of Pokemon Go players neither submit nor review, and if spins were hobbled for items then the outcry would likely be massive.

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    Informing nominators before hand of invisible POIs should be the bare minimum. Let's hope the promised nomination map isn't too little too late.

    HPWU already had model for item reduction in the more POI dense areas. Worked rather well in our area, though I know not all agree with my opinion.

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    Yep, I remember being told to be careful submitting in a popular HPWU area because they didn't want to switch to little Inns. :)

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    Meh, for me the (more) complete game map was more important than convenience. When switching from Ingress to Pogo, the play area feels... broken. :(

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    I'd rather keep things as-is, as someone who plays multiple Niantic games and not just the 1 (the big cash cow game, you know which one), I submit stuff regardless of which game it fits into, or doesn't fit into it.

    I don't care about cells or proximity and whatever else may play in the spacing of the game-boards, if it's cool I submit it, if it's only in Lightship and not in any game whatsoever, then it's still good I got it in the database and submitted properly before someone can submit something with a terrible description.

    Plus I get to enjoy the moaning on the forums, oh no Ingress has all the POI and the cash cow doesn't... I do get enjoyment out of watching the self-entitlement cry about it being unfair.

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    Played all games except catan, and i'm ok with all the POI ingame placement except for transformer, some can be too close to each other and some scatter very far away from each other.

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    Most people who play Niantic games would be Pogo players and most of them likely have no idea of what ingress is, or at the very least, are somewhat aware that there are other Niantic games.

    Like yourself, they dont care about cells. Nor they understand how they work. But when they submit a nomination, it is indeed somewhat unfair for it not to show in game if they have no ideas how things work, especially since Niantic doesn't really explain things. And most of them don't even know that the Wayfarer Support forum exists.

    It's hardly being self-entitled when pogo players then don't see a nomination appear due to their efforts, and are therefore frustrated as a result. And then enjoying people's frustration and confusion?

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    Players are told in the acceptance email that their nomination may not appear in the game.

    If they said that at the start of the nomination process, would that then be okay?

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