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    Grande niantic, vamos a joder la marrana quitando algo que literal no podía quejarse ni un solo jugador de este juego..........

    Luego esta la parte de que el sistema de paradas y gyms no enseñáis a la gente a como pedir cosas adecuadamente para que salgan y ves pueblos con 4 peticiones en la misma celda y solo sacan 1 parada o cosas así, que podíais quitar las celdas pequeñas y dejar solo las grandes para los gyms y que este juego den ganas de verdad de salir a jugar, pero es obvio que en la vida reconoceréis que hacéis las cosas mal y empezareis a escuchar a la comunidad y coger las ideas buenas que mejorarían el juego, solo si veis peligrar el dinero decidís hacer un mínimo de hacer caso, ojala cerrase el juego.....

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    Well that would depend what your primary motivation would be to raid that gym. If it was xp or the pokemon yeah then sure nothing to refund. But if it mostly or even solely for the purpose of getting the gym badge to gold then your efforts ended up being in vain. Furthermore you are now stuck with a badge you cant ever get to gold, and only way to remove it is for you to get it to fall off your list of 1000 which isnt very easy to do since you have to basically spin all your older badges and then get a new one to replace the badge of the gym that no longer exists. A lengthy process. Which is why people are frustrated. That and the loss of resources.

    Overall the gym badge system needs some love. A medal showing the number of gold gyms, and the ability to either drop a badge or display all your badges.

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    Is it correct to give the name of the applicant who wants to remain anonymous?

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    Sad! I didn't get any extra stops/gyms in my area, but it still is a bummer they've decided to remove the few extra ones some people got from the error last week.

    I feel like if it's in and not in an ineligible spot or anything, it's in, so throw some people a bone aha. But that's just me...

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    If that new gym I went to dide disappear, I think it's probably going to actually motivate me into getting the natural 3 gyms back in that cell. Still not sure where I'll find the other nominations, but they'll be happening.

    I can't have a badge I'm not able to get to gold there, even if my quest of getting gold in all gyms in that town is basically not been happening since I got the ability to actually nominate.

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    Will Niantic consider a global rebalance to deal with Pokestops and gyms that were cheated into the system pre-April 2020?

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    While most game companies that have a bug that players like make them features (like Combos on Fighting games), Niantic chooses to remove them ASAP, not giving a **** about what players think... GOOD. JOB.

  • Somehow, the Pokémon go and Ingress map has been messed up more since it was “fixed”. Is there a way to report the stops/gyms/portals that don’t follow the algorithm and/or have failed to load in one game or the other? Thanks in advance.

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    edited November 2021

    Great news! Thanks to clean my city from low-quality outdated nonexistent portals.


    Portals to delete mean imported from 4square portals, right?

  • B00JL5YI7G-PGOB00JL5YI7G-PGO Posts: 244 ✭✭✭

    You guys don't publish the rules and always hide and fix them. I haven't presented any rules this time either. This correspondence may also be a bug.

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    This is where I’d like to point out that the inclusion rules (at least in PoGo, but honestly Ingress as well) are too restrictive. Rather than take away something that is honestly a quality of life improvement, you guys should really be focusing on the sync issues. A higher density of pokestops / gyms / ingress portals doesn’t break either game. If anything it’s more incentive for people to get out there...literally the whole point of the games.

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    I’ve yet to come across an area where I couldn’t see well enough to figure out what I’m doing. There’d have to be an insane amount of portals to reach that point. Long as portals aren’t within 10-20 meters of each other, there’s plenty of visibility.

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    Well Niantic lost a power-nominator and power reviewer here.. I’m done helping them grow their system when all they do is mess us up.. all the game breaking bugs are still in the game, yet when we get something in our benefit, it immediately gets fixed. People lose many dollars on losing raid passes due raid bugs everyday. How does this have priority..

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    All the -ING players that are applauding this kind of desicion from niantic? did you lose money or something? were you affected by the new gyms/pokestops while playing ingress? if there is more pokestops in pogo you shouldnt care at all because you dont play it right? and if you do then it would feel the same as playing ingress because you will see the same ammount of pois in both games...however you should bow to that game because thanks to it we have ingress

    Imagine if all the pogo players decide to not even review or send nominations anymore...niantic should stop poking the bear after the so called #hearusniantic

    Niantic you should fix real bugs this fast...that would be more helpful and welcoming

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