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    @NianticTintino are you sure the team won't conduct another maintenance? The latest maintenance only introducing more bugs.

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    Just as you have acted that fast when it comes to fixing the problem with the new gyms and stops, will you act that fast again to fix the problem that your "error repair" has generated and thus restore the stops that you deleted by mistake? I am referring to those pokestops that came out weeks, months and even years ago, that after your repair that have been affected and some had nothing to do with the mistake you made previously and others that became gym by mistake and now with this "solution" you have eliminated until the stop that complied with the rules and that not even with ingress can be recovered in the pokemon go.

    I want to clarify with this, that I am not criticizing that this error has resulted, that in my opinion it was necessary because they did not comply with the rules.

    What I am criticizing is that when repairing the error that niantic assured that it was only going to affect the stops / gym that appeared by mistake is false, since as I explained before, this has not happened like that and due to this, it has been eliminated stops that met niantic standards.

  • apakah sampai saat ini belum ada pembaharuan untuk masalah ini..??

    di status ingress saya Portal Discovered masih tidak bertambah sampai saat ini.

    Sedangkan nominasi sudah di terima.

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