Marina on a large public body of water

Looking for some clarification as I just had a Marina, that services a local lake, get rejected, very quickly.

This nomination has been rejected due to the following reason(s):

The real-world location of the nomination appears to be on private residential property or farm, Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria.

For some context, its one of two places on the lake to get gas and has public docks and a boat launch for weekend day boaters to use. Would have thought it would fly right through. Uploaded images below.



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    Whats the rest of the description support statement etc as first impression is meh generic business.

    You wouldn't pass a car rental / gas station combination as a POI , whats unique about it to make it a good POI

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    Marina located on Lake Winnisquam. Public boat launch and service for area boaters.

    Supporting Information:

    Located in the heart of the lakes region, originally opened in 1977 this popular spot is a mainstay on Lake Winnisquam, one of only two public boat launch sites on the lake along with one of two lake side gas stations. A hub for local boaters and day trippers alike, public accessibility to restrooms, parking, docks, and gas station. Full service marina, they also rent boats and kayaks for daily and weekly use. Voted Best of the Lakes Region 2020, 2021 by the Laconia Daily Sun

    Not sure your comparison to a car rental/gas station is fair or accurate. Gas stations and rental car business are literally everywhere and they are usually generic chains or franchises. A locally run marina, one of a handful that services an entire lake to me is inherently unique. Perhaps not the case in your area?

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    Not sure your comparison to a car rental/gas station is fair or accurate.

    You invited the comparison, regardless of if it's fair or not. Does the "only" gas station qualify? (Well, maybe, but also not really.) Aside from the gas station comparison, maybe it would be like nominating a tourist info building but highlighting the gift shop. Sure, the shop might be worth a visit, but is the building that holds "proxy" for the tourism region.

    I think your marina should be eligible, but I'd avoid as much association to generic businesses as possible. Bring up how it encourages exploration of local culture/tourism, provides a place where people gather to be social, or connects people to nature.

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    I would not have called this PRP, but your images do not do a good job of telling the story of this location. My first impulse is that the primary image looks like boat sales and service, which is no more eligible than a car dealership/service center. The secondary image does basically nothing: doesn’t clarify the type of business, doesn’t put the pin into larger context (I can’t even see the sign that is the primary image), certainly doesn’t dispel the impression given by the first image.

    Your nomination text is about a “marina” (not a business named ‘marine’), so show the marina to create alignment between your text and your images.

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