Morality Question of Location Edits because of Cell Rules



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    I think many of the people who are still big into new PoI played ingress before and now play PoGo too, like myself. I have over 1200 accepted PoI between the two games. With another 200 in in Backlog.

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    @Cowyn2016-PGO You are absolutely correct. Based on the numbers I cited above there were 5M portals in Ingress around the time PoGo launched, 9.4 million in late 2019, and around 15 million now. (My numbers were cribbed from a variety of sources so I'm treating them as estimates but I think they're good approximations.)

    It's hard to answer the question about the last year because the categories don't break down neatly and I don't know how to weight various factors. I play both Ingress and PoGo... which one do my submissions count for? Every submission is probably reviewed by people who play both games... how do you weight those contributions? Certainly it's shifted far more toward PoGo due to the sheer volume of players but I doubt that even in the last year it's 99% PoGo.

    BTW, one of the reasons I disagreed with your comment that got five disagrees is that cell rules also apply to HPWU and probably also to Pikmin Bloom. They're different rules than for PoGo but they still are known to or probably have cell rules.

    I also think a better perspective on Ingress player attitudes toward PoGo players is, "PoGo players don't care about any other games." That's the thing that bothers me about discussions about changing things to optimize for PoGo... it seems selfish to do so. I'd feel the same way about an Ingress player who started moving portals just so they could create a better spine for fielding with a blatant disregard for how they might impact PoGo and other games.

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    Yup. Like I said, it isn’t black and white and context matters. A sentiment which I’d argue also pertains to the primary issue at hand.

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    A relatively simplistic way to compare submissions would be to estimate a number Ingress submissions per year then how much did the yearly go up after PMG. That would give you a ratio.

    For players like you who play both games, for this question you would count as an Ingress Submitter. Because you are still playing Ingress the supposition is you would have still been playing Ingress and still submitting even if Pokemon Go didn't exist. Now granted theres a small element of uncertainity as you might have quit Ingress out of boredom without PMG to take up some time.

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    @NianticGiffard if you don't mind can you close this thread? I've sensed another ING vs PGO in this whole thread.

  • Hello everyone! Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding.

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    I was thinking about this speeding analogy. There was a news story recently that in some parts of the UK, people are waiting up to nine hours for an ambulance to arrive. If your mother or father suffered a stroke, let's say, and you felt the ambulance was going to take too much time to arrive because the service is stretched to the limit due to the pandemic, wouldn't you want to get them to the hospital as quickly as possible to be seen? Chances of survival from a stroke decrease by the minute.

    Saving a life is the morally right thing to do, correct?

    In this situation, I could easily see somebody saying "hey, my parent had a stroke, so I wanted to get them to the hospital as quickly as possible, so using my best judgement, speeding was the right thing to do". Not every situation is going be a clear cut "life or mortality" (the synonym is censured). I believe in such a situation, a jury would say "hey the person it was a difficult situation, the person speeding had the best of intentions when they committed the act so we don't want to be seen to the side criminalising people tried their best to save a life."

    People on this forum have always reiterated we need to use our best judgements, especially as in many situations there is not going to be a clear "yes or no" answer. Niantic would seem to agree with this line of thinking. I personally would not want to be seen to be on the side of pedantry, because in the end it could lead to worse outcomes for us all.

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