Appeals Process - Success Rate and Roadmap Query


Curious if anyone has ever successfully appealed a rejected nomination on this community forum?

And is there an ETA on adding appeals on Wayfarer instead of having to resubmit a new nomination and hopefully get lucky with a different experienced / informed reviewer? Do like the recent change where rejection reasons now appear on the website itself instead of just on emails - although looks like the website reasons change / state of flux (

Thanks in advance.


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    Niantic have some standard text which essentially says "You can't appeal rejected Nomination via the forum, resubmit if you think it should be a POI"

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    The only times recently where nomination appeals have been allowed on the forum has been when a nomination has been rejected and the reason given was "." or "Niantic Review Decision" (which are functionally the same thing). This is because a lot of us complained that the in house reviews that Niantic were doing were not good quality, so Danbocat encouraged us to post them and then discuss them with the team. This resulted in a few people getting decisions overturned where their nominations clearly should've been accepted.

    As stated though, that only applies to Niantic review decisions. Regular decisions that were reached by the reviewer community cannot currently be appealed, and we haven't had an update yet on when this feature will be added.

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