Several fake nominations and wayspots

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All in the same area in the city of Arad, so probably the same submitter/s, who probably rely on the fact that there is no Street View in this area and Google's satellite imagery is extremely low quality. Here's updated, higher quality aerial imagery of the area for your convenience.


  1. Title - "גן עירית", location - 31.265414,35.222293 (Intel). Irit Park (which this sign marks) is actually located on Irit street (surprisingly enough), and is marked on Google Maps in its real location. The sign even states "Irit street" right under the park's name. This wayspot is located in the corner of Kalanit street and Vered street, on PRP.
  2. Title - "Cinderella's playground HYD", location - 31.265396,35.221534 (Intel). While pretty accurately located, this wayspot's title raised some questions. The park and playground are called Kalanit (Anemone), named after the nearby street - definitely not Cinderella. "HYD" is an acronym I've been noticing in wayspots in various locations, such as the city of Hadera (here) as well as multiple wayspots in the city of Holon - although those have it in their descriptions rather than the titles (Intel links of some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4). I assume it's some sort of recognizable reference, since it doesn't have any meaning in Hebrew (at least not one that's relevant to these wayspots).
  3. Title - "נדנדות שקד", location - 31.26567,35.221469 (Intel). This wayspot is located on PRP instead of being adjacent to the "Cinderella Playground" wayspot - which is obvious as they both share the same blue shading structure that's visible in both wayspots' photos, as well as on aerial view.
  4. Title - "קרוסלת שקד", location - 31.265216,35.220774 (Intel). Another wayspot that's located on PRP. Judging by the sand on the ground, the real location could be in either Kalanit Playground or Irit Playground - the location of those already referred to above.
  5. Title - "נדנדה ציבורית סיפן", location - 31.266201,35.219469 (Intel). The location the wayspot seems to be either on PRP or right on the border of PRP; in any case it's fake, since there's sand in the wayspot's photo yet no sand visible on aerial imagery. The real location is probably - like the previous wayspot - either in Kalanit Pkayground or Irit Playground, who both have sand on the ground. Also, while the wayspot is named after Saifan (סיפן) street, it's actually located on Kalanit street, a distance away from the nearby Saifan street (although there aren't even any playground structures on Saifan street to begin with so I'm not sure why this title was even made in the first place, really).
  6. Title - "ערים - שקד", location - 31.263943,35.222203 (Intel). This one is a bit harder to analyze, but considering all the other abuse in this area, I still tend to suspect it's another fake. The location is right next to PRP (hard to say if it's on PRP or right outside of it); comparing the wayspot's photo to the photos of nearby wayspots it seems likeable it's actually located in Kalanit Park or Irit Park, judging by the surrounding bushes and pavement (specifically looking at the bit of pavement visible in the photo of נדנדה ציבורית סיפן).

Nominations (some new, but I also remembered that I've been seeing suspicious nominations in this area for a pretty long time, and dug up some information on older nominations as well):

  1. Title - "Dog's playground", location - 31.266275,35.222624. The sign for Irit Park (as well as the carrousel in the קרוסלת שקד wayspot) can be seen in the supporting photo right next to this waste station, and the real location of this park was established above. The location of this nomination is on PRP.
  2. Title - "Iritt swings", location - 31.263809,35.222547. Located on PRP, the swings in the photo are the exact same swings that already have an existing wayspot - נדנדות שקד (which is #3 on the previous list).
  3. Title - "כלב כחול מקפץ", location - 31.265494,35.219673. This is a much older nomination that was also placed on PRP and, comparing its supporting photo with the main photo of the nearby existing wayspot in Irit Playground, the play structure seems to be part of that playground.

Some of that info goes as far back as December 2020... so this has been going on for a very long time.



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