Restaurants and bars keep getting rejected in my area

Hey, so I have been experiencing this problem for a while that EVERY SINGLE restaurant or bar in my town is being rejected.

Why is that ? In Eligibility Criteria it says that restaurants are okay so what's the problem ?


  • sophielab-INGsophielab-ING Posts: 266 ✭✭✭✭

    I have a nomination in voting for a restaurant. It has 5 separate write-ups in magazines/newspapers. It was featured on TV. The head chef has been on 2 TV shows. I am expecting to be rejected to be honest. Reviewers really hate restaurants.

  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 2,850 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Check out the above thread and you might find some info that will make your restaurant submissions more appealing to reviewers (and anyone who hasn't shared their thoughts is welcome to chime in). They are very difficult to get accepted though. Some reviewers seem to want to reject them no matter how good they are. If they have merit, all I can suggest is to keep trying.

    Bars/pubs tend to be more easily accepted in certain countries than they are in others. For example, in the UK you'd think we were a bunch of alcoholics, as we love a good pub nomination and they'll pretty much sail through Wayfarer. I've heard of places like Spain being much more resistant to them though.

  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,158 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Unlike what most people are saying, bars are usually eligible and acceptable, especially in the UK. They are great social hubs, places to gather etc. So keep trying with the bars and push that aspect of it. Resteraunts though are always going to be a hard sell. Even with the easing of the guidelines, people want them to be special and have had at least a few awards to even be considered, though if there is some sort of interesting backstory (used in a movie, family owned for generations, something like that) you could push for those as well

  • Cowyn2016-PGOCowyn2016-PGO Posts: 510 ✭✭✭✭

    Wish I read that before I just nominated one 2 days ago, only to find a rejection email today lol

  • I usually get my restaurants and bars rejected because of "Private Residence or Farm".

  • PhoenixOmicron-PGOPhoenixOmicron-PGO Posts: 57 ✭✭✭

    I just keep submitting them, they eventually get approved. This is one of the categories where some reviewers will always reject or expect the moon. I don't bother giving any more info than the bare minimum. Photosphere to confirm location, link to Facebook page or website, and a brief description.

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