Asking for higher reviews Abuse in Rzeszów (Poland again).

Titles of the wayspots: differ

City: Rzeszów

Country Poland

Locations: differ, Rzeszów

Additional information: OK, so while reviewing I've recently seen a very generic phrase poping out in nearly all nominations from Rzeszów region and cities nearby it. I'm guessing it might be another, more local, polish attempt of creating a tag/code phrase for rating nominations higher than they should be (like the one from here: The phrase is "Proszę o pozytywne opinie i akceptację", which translates to: "I am asking for positive opinions and approval". This is literally asking for higher reviews, so even without being a codephrase it's still abusive (asking for higher reviews is not allowed).

Here are just a few of examples (more than 130), that I and some of my friends recently found (few are eligible, most are not (some of the reasons: PRP, misplaced, seasonal, LQ photos, K12, duplicates, NPA, mass produced and of course all are influencing reviewers), but this post is about the abuse and not quality):

I have more of these abusive nominations, however due to character limit I'll post them in the comments section.

Niantic, please, take action against the abusers who are using this phrase and influencing reviewers with it. Additionally, please consider removing all those nominations from voting.

@NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard


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