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PoGo "Inclusion rules" and gym not respected at a few places in our local community

Kroutpick-PGOKroutpick-PGO Posts: 351 ✭✭✭
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First of all, I know this is not a "Pokemon Go" forum, but since there is no such forum and since Niantic staff already helped other members with similar "inclusion rules, gyms and cell" issues, I will try here :

Our local community members noticed a few irregularities since the Oct 29th bug and the correction that followed thereafter.

Note that we also had the beginning of sponsored stops/gyms with Couche Tard (Circke K) that started on Nov 1st.

First irregularity (one missing gym) :

This S2 lvl 14 cell has 6 wayspots, all are on distinct lvl 17 cells and visible on PoGo, however, there is only one gym. The current gym is : https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=45.407944,-71.864106

Since Nov 1st, there is one new sponsored gym in this cell, but as far as I know, sponsored stops/gyms should not have any impact.

There is therefore one missing gym in this cell.

Second irregularity (gym that should not be a gym, nor a wayspot since it's K-12) :

This wayspot "maison des jeunes de magog" : https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=45.273065,-72.139779 is currently a gym, but it's the unique wayspot of it's S2 lvl 14 cell and appeared somewhere near the Oct 29th bug or on Nov 1st when sponsored stops appeared, because there is also one sponsored pokestop in this cell. But again, sponsored stops/gyms should not have any impact? This gym should be demoted.

Moreover, even if I know it's not the official way to "report invalid wayspot", but since we are discussing about this wayspot : this wayspot should not even exist / should not have been approved since it's a youth club and as discussed multiples times here and clarified by NianticCasey, youth clubs are to be rejected being K-12.

Their current website is down : http://www.mdjlexit.com/

Their Instagram page where in the profile, we can read that it's for youth from 11 to 17 y.o. : https://www.instagram.com/mdjmagog/?hl=fr

Other local media where we can read the same age range of 11-17 : https://www.lerefletdulac.com/2021/03/09/reouverture-de-la-maison-des-jeunes-aujourdhui-apres-plusieurs-mois-de-fermeture/

Third irregularity (gym that appeared due to sponsored pokestop and then demoted) :

This wayspot : https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=45.428244,-71.868314 became a gym (probably the same story as the second irregularity) when a sponsored stop appeared in his cell. However, this gym got demoted after the correction of bug. I'm considering this as being normal since it's the unique wayspot of its cell, but the same should have happened to the second (maison des jeunes de magog). Why the "maison des jeunes" remained gym, but this one got demoted?

Thangs for your help!

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  • Kroutpick-PGOKroutpick-PGO Posts: 351 ✭✭✭

    Update : a few days later, the gym that got demoted (third irregularity) became back a gym.

    Finally, all 3 irregularities reported here seems to follow a same rule : sponsored pokestops and gyms do count in the 2/6/20 wayspots rule for the numbers of gym in a lvl 14 cell...

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