Moving the wayspot 'Chilkigarh Palace Jagannath Temple' to its original location

Title of the wayspot: Chilkigarh Palace Jagannath Temple

Location: 22.451801, 86.876759

City: Chilkigarh

Country: India

The wayspot titled 'Chilkigarh Palace Jagannath Mandir' has been moved to a completely different location. I submitted the temple at its original location but during the review process, it was moved to a completely different location. The review wasn't a community one as there was the niantic logo beside the in voting sign.

Below is two images, first one shows where I put the marker and the second photo shows the location it has been shifted into.

Intel map link of the wayspot:,86.876806&z=19&pll=22.451825,86.876715

From the satellite view, one can clearly see that there is nothing but an empty field there. But the actual location of the temple should be around 22.449678, 86.876458. Take a look at the pictures I submitted for the wayspot.

Now take a look at the satellite view of the temple at its actual location

The small and big turrets of the temple, the empty space around the temple, the boundary wall are clearly visible in the supporting picture and they sync with the satellite view to confirm that this is the actual location.

These two locations are more than 200m away. So, it can be moved to its actual location from here only.



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