"A cooldown has been activated."

How does this stupid cooldown work ?

It's like 5th time this week that I received this cooldown. I usually get it for rejecting too many nominations in a short period of time.

What am I supposed to do if idiots are nominating kindergartens, elementary schools, all kinds of things on cemetery or the cemetery itself, there are always also few fire stations and also MANY things on someone's garden which is on private property.


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    same here, cooldown is more likely if you have to reject submissions which is really hard when some people just submit **** to get new wayspots.

    there are days where I can review for hours (because of less submitted fake & trash) and then there are days where I get the cooldown after a few minutes (because or rejecting more fake & trash)

    by fake & trash I'm talking about 3rd party pics, falsified locations, absolutely fake or random items in submitters surrounding (trash cans, private houses...)

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    Interact with the page. Some examples: Click the Title (to open a google search). Click portals in the duplicate area. Switch between streetview and satellite view. Click a nearby tag on a map. Click the Google logo, bottom left of either map (to open a big map).

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