Duplicate wayspot since I couldn't withdraw it

Title of the Wayspot: Ter herinnering aan Hans Weterman

Location: 51,9279111, 4,4725470

City: Rotterdam

Country: The Netherlands

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: (Acceptation email, since it has not been synced in games.)

Additional information: 51.9282640, 4.4730510 At this location is the wayspot 'Hans Weterman'. That one is wrongly located and therefore I thought it hadn't been in the database yet. Now I know one of both needs to be removed, but the old one is wrongly located and mine should have been marked as duplicate by reviewers. I hope if you remove mine I won't get a wayfarer ban since I did what I could have done (as seen in the next pictures).

As you can see, I asked if Support could have withdrawn my nomination since I couldn't have done this myself. (Previously this was possible.)

@NianticGiffard I ask again, if you'll remove mine, please don't put a warning/suspension on my account, since I tried everything to get this one withdrawn.



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