Did Niantic scrap the review by Niantic already?



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    Not just then. There are submissions stuck that were made in January 2020 as well. It's a wider timeframe and issue. Most likely due to a bugged "in voting" status.

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    Sure? I don't mean regions, that are damn slow at all times. This is caused by the algorithm since ever, so somehow intended by Nia, although its totally stupid, that the difference of the in-voting-timeframes is 12h vs years, and the locations, where this difference occurs, can be 100m apart from each other. The villages, where I raised up, have 1.5years or higher times since ever (means back in time, when submission and reviewing was ING-only). Only a few km away you are crossing an ING-cell border (s2 level 6) and then there is ultra fast reviewing area. The slow side had never any boost. My actually oldest one there is from March 2020.

    Then there are regions like around the town Jena: the region is at most points in time also very slow. More than 6 months waiting time. But at special points in time it became super fast, too. Reviewing times of few days or a week. For example when PGO was allowed to review, or during the first Corona lockdown. But what happened back then to the backlog? While the reviewing times became faster, the backlog queue cleared simultanously.

    What happens now? The town is again comparatively fast, 3 weeks waiting times roughly. But the backlog isnt touched..... and the timeframe of affected backlog is June-August 2020 ...

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    I have a lot of hiking trail markers pending from that time ....

    Since hiking trail markers are a pain in the a.... in Germany to get approved, this is what happens, when I upgrade the stuff from back then:

    Guaranteed rejections ....

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