Help me improve 'Hufeisenwurfbahn' (Horseshoe throwing range)

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Hi all

Unfortunately my submission for a horseshoe throwing range was rejected for the following reasons:

  • Natural Feature -> it's made and created by humans...
  • Private Residence or Farm -> Neither a residence nor a farm...
  • Doesn't match acceptance criteria -> it's a sport field (great place to exercise) and place to be social with others (Club / Verein like hundreds of other clubs / Vereine). There are even some parasols and seats to watch competitions (shown in the environment photo).
  • Bad photography -> the only one I can understand up to a point...

Would it be better to only submit a photo of the "Country Club Buffalos" sign that is hanging above the range. Or the sticks of the range only?

Thanks for your comments and improvement proposals.

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