Appeal of Wayspot rejection by Niantic - Mária és Jézus dombormű

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By the precendece set by this thread, I'm appealing a rejection made by Niantic reviewers.

Title of the Wayspot: Mária és Jézus dombormű (literal translation: relief of Mary and Jesus)

Location: 47.47648, 19.02989

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Pictures of the nomination itself:

Additional information:

This is a small but artistic religious relief on the side of a multi-family apartment building. The supplemental photo clearly shows the address (Laufenauer Street 10) and the relief as well. As I stated in the supplemental information, the multiple buttons on the intercom shows that it's a multi-family apartment building - I made a close-up of the relevant part of the picture:

I know that the picture is not the best but I don't think it's bad enough to warrant a rejection either.

Please re-review the nomination.

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