Traditional Tea Rooms - any ideas would be appreciated

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Hi, I would like some feedback on the following submission as I have tried several times and keeps coming back rejected (though I am sure it could be down to bad reviewers)

The Mug Tree is East Grinstead's multi-award winning tea room established in 2014. Most Outstanding Tea Room 2020 in Business Elite Awards and Mid Sussex Applauds Business in the Community award winner 2019 The Tea rooms is also involved in local community work & also hosts monthly retro Lan parties

Supporting Info:

E.G's #1 Coffee/tea place. Voted Britain's

Best Breastfeeding Venue 2019-2020 in Lansinoh's Feed With Confidence

Awards. Mentioned in the Town's Heritage Trail guide as a great place to

go eat while exploring the town

(halfway through) - see page for community work and

gaming events during summer holidays.

See trip advisor for awards and #1 coffee place in town

link to map,-0.0088423,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x480016972552f96!8m2!3d51.1237775!4d-0.0088852

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    Hello, welcome to the wayfarer forum.

    It seems a great place. Sad it has not been accepted yet. Nothing bad in all you are showing to us. Seems really good.

    Can you share with us the details of a rejected nomination so we can try to find out ? Do you use these pictures ? What were the title, description and infos?

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    Seems like a great place to me. I would've happily accepted it had it come through my review queue.

    The only thing I would say to change (and this shouldn't matter, but I know some people are picky about it) is that your reflection can be seen in the supporting photo. This image isn't used on the wayspot, so as I said, it shouldn't matter, but some reviewers may harshly view that as "submitter identifiable".

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    Actually submitter identifiable also includes the support picture and any info in it, so that the submission is truly anonymous. This one I would say is borderline as some local reviewers may recognise the submitter.

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    If you’re reacquiring the supporting pic anyway, I’d try to get one when they’re open. There’s something psychologically about a photo with a great big “closed” in the middle that probably isn’t helping your case.

    That said, if it came my way I’d be totally happy to accept so I do think you’ve been pretty unlucky.

  • sheppardus-PGOsheppardus-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    the only info on rejection is other criteria which doesn't help in the slightest. I will try and resubmit again

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