Infotafel Eichen-- Hornbuchenwald is a fake made of Infotafel Eichen- Hainbuchenwald

Infotafel Eichen-Hainbuchenwald,7.548353&z=17&pll=51.739506,7.548353

Fake Infotafel Eichen- Hornbuchenwald,7.534479&z=17&pll=51.722192,7.534479

Correct position photo and its exif Data.

Please have also a look at portal photo ...Hornbuchen... You can also read at Infotable ...Hainbuchen...

This is a photo from original place with modified name

Please delete Infotafel Eichen- Hornbuchenwald


  • Faelean-INGFaelean-ING Posts: 8 ✭✭

    If you take a closer look at the pictures you can see that those two are different signs. The one marked as "fake" is located on the "Fledermaus-Rundweg", which is marked with the bat symbol on the sign.

    The other one has a different marking on the sign stating that it's on the so called "Eichenblatt-Rundweg".

    Both are marked trails, the full GPS Coordinates can be found here:

    Based on this map which shows all five trails in that area both signs at their current position are on their respective trails:

    The only thing that is wrong on the "fake" POI is the name, which might be a simple misspelling that nobody bothered to correct.

  • Pointless removal appeals like this are taking overhand and I'd suggest asking the local community there or the surrounding towns for advice first. You should find it near the ingame location by walking trough the path during daylight. Difficult to notice on the satellite view, but the path is splitting up there. By the way, since that object is older than Pokemon Go I wouldn't even consider the slightly incorrect location as intended, as cell optimization would also not serve a purpose there and GPS is horrible at locations like that.

    That Wayspot has even 3 different photos of different players from 6, 4 and 3 years ago - possible, but unlikely they all went trough the effort to contribute to a fake portal of such a timespan. I might would suggest a location edit, but the effort to wait for rejection mails and create a post here with proof for slightly incorrect positions in a forest really isn't worth the time.

    A lot of Wayspots ingame do not exist anymore, but they'll still get reported as fakes by some experts. If an object is missing, please take a look at the timestamps of contributed photos ingame and re-consider: Is it a fake or just not there anymore? Claiming them to be a fake unfortunately leads to false warnings to players, as Niantic does not consider the age of Wayspots when approving appeals.

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