Location Edit >10m: Willie Baker Memorial Pavilion

Title of the Wayspot: Willie Baker Memorial Pavilion

Location: 35.528079, -87.208877

City: Mount Pleasant, TN

Country: United States

Screenshot of the rejection email: N/A (will explain below)

Additional information:

My prospective move location would be approximately 35.528321, -87.208741

I had submitted this nomination and others remotely several days after I'd taken pictures, location info, etc. Once this nomination approved and appeared on the map, I immediately realized my error: I had placed the pin for the pavilion where I had intended to place a pin for an entryway sign (not yet nominated).

I only elected to skip a location edit and proceed straight to this forum by virtue of the satellite imagery being out of date; I cannot reasonably anticipate or expect reviewers to be able to fairly assess placement when, from above, both spots simply appear to be grass.

I was unable to rush out there to take photos or a photosphere in daylight so I unfortunately only have darker photos to share. If more evidence is necessary I'd happily oblige, but it may take some days.


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