Fake Trail Marker

Wayspot name: Leicestershire Round Trail Marker #2 - Berrywell Drive

Intel link:

Town / City: Barwell, Leicestershire

Country: United Kingdom

Rejection email after being reported through Ingress:

This is a fake Wayspot, for a trail marker where the trail does not exist on this side of town.

This isn’t the place to call out individuals and point fingers for violating the TOS, but this was submitted on a, now banned, account to give a player a Wayspot in range of home.

The submitter had uploaded a mismatched photosphere to Google maps, so a genuine sphere was added to the location, this is


Further evidence that the trail itself does not exist where these fake markers are, in game: https://www.walkingenglishman.com/ldp/leicestershireround.html This is the trail map.

Thank you for your time.


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