Nomination rejected for false reasons

Title of the Wayspot: Pizza du plan

ID : WxGj+dFPw5F68v8TJKOctHzu5LrZpidgpb3GPOGPA9c=

Location: 43.64075685873732, 3.857149565232838

City: Montpellier

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Hello, my nomination has been rejected for the second time for false reasons:

"seasonal or temporary installation": It's not the case, this is not a truck, as you can tell by the picture. This place has been opened all year long for years.

"not enough evidence of the real location": It's crealy visible on google map and street view.

Last time it was rejected another reason was that the location is inadequate, because of a cemetery or something similar. You can see on google map that it's not the case.

Why the nomination matches the criterias: 

It's an atypical restaurant, because of its size and shape. And it's also a warm place where you can meet people and enjoy a local meal. Local people gather there each day at lunch time. It really is a hot spot in the neighborhood.



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