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Get ready for a Gendgi story!

"Exploration" is my favorite core of Niantic Wayfarer eligibility, and one I enjoy taking a liberal interpretation. My favorite thing to do, Niantic related, isn't playing their games but is exploring potential eligible candidates.

On a recent trip out of state, I would drive past a museum every day but never had a chance to stop, not even for a quick car photo (no I don't do those).

Finally, on one of the last days, we break early and I have time to (literally) run the 2 miles to the museum to take a few quick evening photos.

Take a picture of the exterior, take a picture of the exhibit to look at later for more info, and a quick "side-glance" supporting photo.

As usual, I don't make the nomination on the spot. Once back to the hotel, I start to make the nomination and see the first issue, that darned out of date rural Satellite view. Red pin below the approximate location I'll be making the nomination.

See, this is Montana, and sometimes Google goes a few years forgetting it exists. Oh, well, at least the Satellite shows what looks like an area prepped for construction, and I have a "not my best, but it'll do" supporting photo.

I make the nomination, add applicable text, and move on with my evening.

It isn't until the next day I get to thinking about that darned Street View. See, I don't make photospheres, but as a nominator & reviewer I know it's important to look at every viewpoint possible. And, there's a problem.

Not only does the Street View not show the museum, nor the clearing, but it shows houses! Couch PokéStop Portal alert!

Well, this isn't my first rodeo. I make modifications to my Supporting text. I don't find a useful website for this museum extension, but I do find a news article about the unveiling.

My final piece I think of before letting it go is deciding to include the opening date in the description. Maybe it'll act as a soft reminder for you, dear reviewer, that sometimes the Google is out of date.

The image above contains the spoiler! "Accepted!" Wouldn't you know, sometimes reviewers get things right, and we, the submitters, get to be thankful and not come to the Wayforum to complain.

Anyways, happy Turkey day, y'all, I'm going back to watching some Star Wars and give my folks a call. If you're traveling for the holidays, please remember doing a few reviews to help the area out, and be conscious of both out of date Google imagery and what may count as local culture.


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    Reviewers are much more likely to get things right when the submission does as much as possible to help them. I always tell people to make it as easy as possible for reviewers to understand and accept your submission, and it sounds like you did exactly that. Kudos to you for finding and understanding the challenges for this candidate and doing the best you could to work around them.

    Well, except for the side-view photo. (-: But it sounds like you did that because you were in a hurry.

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 2,163 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks. I (usually) put forth effort to include as much reasoning as I can to avoid rejections. I don't think it should have to be like that, but it sure feels that way.

    Reflecting, I'm not sure I could have done much better for a supporting photo. Maybe if I'd found the address number on the building, that could have helped match location.

    One of my first iterations of the supporting text referenced the street sign down the road, but I removed it when I added the website link. The Street View shows grain silos on the other side of the road - I could have taken a picture from behind the museum but with it in frame showing the silos. Safe access to a building should be implied, but I still like including the sidewalk, when possible.

    Side note. A friend messaged me shortly after I shared this nomination approval that she'd seen it in voting, despite her area(s) being too far for this to be normally included. Looks like this particular nomination may have had some rural prioritization included in its reviewer pool.

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