I feel honestly fooled

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For real, you sit there sometimes a hour and rate suggestion after suggestion to work on your upgrade - and then your own suggestions gonna be declined. For no reason. A house facade with a brand new wonderful picture from a Forest with animals. You can CLEARLY see on the second picture free access for pedestrians on the sidewalk. Declined as private land.

Suggestion for an old house wall with sculpture motifs. Declined as „other rejection criteria“ and wrong place. Second picture showed sidewalk for free access and (!) the name of the street. Same as the POI was pinned on map. But ofc wrong place, yeah yeah.

an Infoboard from a church, which could be a really important and interesting place for some villages - declined as sender identifiable and temporary and saisonale establishment. No face or something else on the picture for the POI. both pictures not. Bell Tower from same church was okay. Can’t be stolen quickly like an infoboard, such a tower ;)

wasnt the first time to get suggestions declined for no real reason. Ofc those decliners are ppl are his own suggestions was declined cuz they submit some nonsense like on a walk found insignificant rock and placed the POI at their house for a Homestop.

Happens not once. Not twice. Every try different pictures, could be something doesn’t fit for someone. But everything it meets all criteria, show surroundings .. really this no longer holds me anymore if this stupid nonsense decline not getting stopped.

this can’t be. decline interesting and visually unique POI .

For. No. Reason.

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