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MY country is Iraq. It's the country of Baghdad and Babylon. Since the emergence of this lovely game and it has non pokstop or gym. This made us as we are unknown and far a away from progress unless we travel out side like what i do. Every now and then i go to any other country just to be able to finish a task since 2016 till now. I just wonder why? Aren't we a country deeply in respect to the world? Is it too much that we ask to be like any body else in this globe??

By the name of equal chances for all trainers in the world I'm asking you to solve this disabling issue as I'm helpless to do anything other than keeping nominating pokstops without any benifit.

I'm asking you by my rights to be a trainer equal to all my friends.

Thanks in advance



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    Am asking all trainers whom care about others to help us in this frustrating issue with all respect from any where they are

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    I deeply appreciate your concern and comment. As we don't have pokstops or gyms trainers never gather or know each other. I tried to nominate few locations like market and mall and I have nothing to do else. Yes i agree that the only way is supporting us through this site as trainers in here can know and feel our situation. Great respect to all trainers whom able to help.

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    Sorry for being a bit too rude or sadistic, but is Pokemon GO still safely playable in Iraq? Considering its drastic political change that was happened this year?

    Regardless of the situation, I doubt many reviewers will choose Iraq as they don't want their bonus locations to be locked in a dry voting area for 1 year long. Still good if anyone still choose the country, however.

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    I feel sorry for your comment also dear trainer. But to answer your question. Yes it is very safe indeed. Unfortunately the media made our picture this bad even in this intellectual game, despite no one notice anything different in real life. Thanks for your support trainer, and this is the 1st time l knew that helping other trainers anywhere in the world might affecting the supporters this bad.

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    Hossete.. Dear trainer. I live in Babylon (hillah) city where there us no pokstop what so ever and trying to adapt your advice on concentrating on my city and try to have some attention as I'm doing in this site. We all. Know that pokemon go started with pokstops and gyms by its own except here non was found to sttract trainers for more action. I'm sure many trainers tried before with almost no result. This site is my only way to bring attention by the rights of equal chances to the trainers all over the world

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    Thanks a lot for your advice and support. This is the spirit I'm looking for.

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    Are you at a level in PoGo or Ingress high enough to nominate things? Or do you know that there are nominations being made?

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    -I talked to them. They want you to write on that page to get in touch with you. :)

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    I will once they approve my request. Thanks a lot for your concern.

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    If you get any aid (and you most likely will), please submit a new photo of the Duck Memorial, near the airport. It's an awful photo! :S

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    Consider it done once I'm at the airport

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    Where is the Foursquare Fairy when you need them? Niantic will be able to grant you your wish of more pokstops and turn it into the mecca of Pokemon GO like they did with Turkey.

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    You are right. But i believe that i have to do what ever possible.. I love this game and i love my country even more. That's why I'm seeking help

  • bldysurgeon-PGObldysurgeon-PGO Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Yes I'm level 42 now despite that the progress is very difficult. I did some nominations with no benefits yet.

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    @NianticTintino is there anything that can be done for Iraq?

    I found about this issue through Facebook Group and I totally agree that this country needs more Wayspots.

    Maybe doing the next Wayfarer Challenge There, or releasing a special emergency Bonus location for a limited time??

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    Thanks a lot sir your beautiful words about my country and my city. Well l nominated them as they are a checking start for me to learn nomination and as i travel here and there l noticed an endless streaks of wayspots in the malls and markets that actually endless so i thought it might be a good start. About the mosques and other religions places i believe that it woukd never be a, problem to have pokstops beside them nor it would be a problem. I appreciate all your advices and your rich comment and in short it made my day. All trainers in here will appreciate any effort from you or other trainers. I am in 2 facebook groups that trying to find a fast way for this issue and I'm speechless for them efforts.

    Hope you a fine day

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    Very few pokestops means very few trainers playing, fewer of them will reach level 38 as it's very tedious and boring. Then some of them might nominate a few PoI, in the end that means that I would expect very few pending nominations in the whole country, with a group of external reviewers all those nominations would be done in a few days and then those reviewers that have set their location to your country will get very few nominations from that bonus zone. That's bad if they want many nominations to earn upgrades.

    In a similar way, holding a wayfarer event would end up quickly as lots of reviewers can finish all the pending nominations quickly and then they would be angry at Niantic for choosing such a bad country candidate for the event.

    Your only real hope is that Niantic plays a Foursquared in Irak and fill everywhere with wayspots as they have done in other places.

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    And that's why, Niantic should run another Wayfarer challenge for entire Middle East rather than only 1 country. We've already seen players from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also experiencing the same thing that they need help from outside.

    But well, current bonus location algorithm is sucks right now that you don't want to be stuck on the oasis in the middle of the desert.

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    Very few pokestops means very few trainers playing, fewer of them will reach level 38 as it's very tedious and boring.

    My advice to those with few POIs around, looking to level up and get into submitting and reviewing, will always be to use social media to find in-game "friends" willing to send gifts even when those gifts cannot be reciprocated immediately - friendship XP is the quickest route to level-up by far, and those gift eggs and remote raids can be nice as well. Level 38 is really quite easy to achieve in these modern times with this form of passive play alone. More high-level players can mean more Wayfarer submitters and reviewers, so there's my mandatory forum topic content. :)

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    That is absolutely correct and what I'm trying to say over and over. The start must be prompt. But as no hope in this correct way made us accepting the minimal care to keep going and l believes that this community is one of the best starts.

    Greatful for your concern.

  • bldysurgeon-PGObldysurgeon-PGO Posts: 29 ✭✭

    That is really quite professional. Either way my friend there are all the time quick solutions and definite long term solutions . And that is why this community made for.

    Thanks a lot for your comment and concern

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    I'm sincerely very thankful to all trainers and helpful masters in this community whom showed great sympathy for this situation and proved that writing in the right place can make a difference.

    Thanks to all even for people whom aided me by encouragement and comments. Special thanks to @Mormegil71 who showed me a fine path to new great friends whom was of great help.

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    Not sure if this will make any difference if there are not enough reviewers there, but have you reviewed sufficient nominations on Wayfarer to earn an upgrade to use on your own nominations?

    How many nominations have you submitted? Have any of them gone into voting yet or are they still in queue?

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    I've been doing some research and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.

    Perhaps the Japanese Wikipedia data I'm looking at is just outdated, but when did Pokémon GO launch in Iraq?

    The Japanese Wikipedia says that Iraq has not launched yet.

    Also, to the best of your knowledge, how many Pokémon GO players are there in Iraq?

    Please let me know as much as you know.

  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 4,095 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thought so. Even English version of Wikipedia doesn't list both Iraq and Saudi Arabia having official release dates for Pokemon GO.

    Yet there are some users from Saudi Arabia that are able to access this forum, using GO's login method (so they have -PGO suptix). My guess is, they're just downloading APKs from the internet. I don't know if both Playstore or Appstore are available in those countries, but even if any of them are available, the app still won't be available in the stores. Besides, Ingress is still available in those countries so there should be at least few players who play Pokemon GO.

    But, without many Wayspots and people who are able to nominate, their situation are just like the players in Africa, in my opinion.

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