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Unable to select edited text from any text edits while reviewing

Maxyme99-PGOMaxyme99-PGO Posts: 953 ✭✭✭✭✭

This bug was mentioned first in August 15, just after wayfarer changes, but it looks like there isn't a thread for it, so I make one.

A bug: In any text edits (description or title edits) it's impossible to select the text that we need to choose as the best title/description.

It's possible to select any text on page except edited text that we need to choose from. It's very unhelpful, when we get text edit from different language, as it's sometimes impossible to choose any of it without select it to translate. I always select and copy text to translator, and I can't do it now, so I have to select "None of the above" each time I get text edit I don't understand.

This is how it looks like now for me with text edits:

As you can see on screenshot, it's possible to select any text except edited text (in this case, two options for edited description).

In this example, I had description edit with location edit, and the first edited description text says "please choose a more northerly location. The other was submitted incorrectly". I know it only because I tried to rewrite it (it was short so I could, but it took me some time). I can't say what the second description says, it's quite long, and rewriting everything is not the best option for me.

Before wayfarer changes it was possible to select and copy any text from site, please make it possible to select text from edited descriptions/titles, it was very good option for everyone.

I review on PC, Win10, browser is Mozilla Firefox. But I remember that other people also mentioned they have this issue too, so it doesn't look like it's only browser related.

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