Location Edit Over 10m(moved)

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Title of the Wayspot: 桂町簡易郵便局


NEW 44.0106239,144.2738181



OLD 44.012318,144.274838


City: Abashiri,Hokkaido

Country: Japan

The new building of the moved post office has been repeatedly nominated as a new wayspot candidate.

From what this nominator has filled out, it seems that he does not know that it is not possible to modify the location by more than 10 meters in the application.

They also seem to have misunderstood some of the other details.

This is not the format that should be used, but it will increase the burden on the reviewers if it is repeated.

I' ll provide you with the content of this nomination and the Japan Post website showing the location of this post office.

If you are unable to correct the location with my appeal, please inform the nominator how to correct the location by more than 10 m. 



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