Remote Raids while Pokemon is Defending a Gym

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Why is it that when a raid is in progress at a gym, that is more than 1 mile away from my current location, that a pokemon of mine is currently defending, I am able to view that a raid is in progress when checking on my pokemon but the raid doesn't show up in the raid list & I also can not join the raid remotely? I am only able to view the gyms & pokestops within a 1 mile radius of my location. Why is that?

Basically I'd like to know more about the rules in regards to a the radius distance a player would have wayspots shown & accessible.

Also would like to know if there is a time that raids are purposely not going, like night time shutdown hours for a persons physical location? I can get raid invites from people in a different country where their time is day time & my time is night time but locally there are never raids going after midnight I believe. Is there a rule to have a shutdown time on gyms?

Is there a handbook for wayfarer members lol?

And I just started playing in August of this year so I'm still fairly clueless on all this. I play the Pokemon Go, I do not know what engress part of the wayfarer is yet either sorry.

These questions are relevant as to when I do become the level needed to start contributing id very much like to make more wayspots in many areas that are lacking them. So I definitely need to know what distance rules there may be so that I can try to bring gameplay to more people. The climate I live in gets to extreme temperatures in the summer so people can only venture for short periods of time outdoors, even if people can handle the heat, devices can not handle for long periods of time during certain hours as well as we have a problem quite often with the air quality & if someone has certain health conditions they are advised to stay indoors. For people that are disabled its awesome when they can go out and venture & exercise but its not very enticing if there just isn't enough around for them to explore.

Wayspots are the pokestops but are gyms & exgyms also wayspots or are only the pokestops?


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    This is not a Pokémon GO forum, you would need to ask this to Pokémon GO Support in your app about raids and gyms and such.

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    Hi @MEMEOW87-PGO

    your post has several different elements some of which are not relevant to this forum.

    Reddit has the TheSilphRoad which is a great source of help and info about PoGo play.

    There is also a subreddit for wayfarer where you can get information and advice about submitting POI and how it will work with PoGo - well worth researching ahead of submitting.

    You are welcome here to find out about wayfarer itself.

    A good thing to do will be to read posts that crop up especially in the criteria clarification sub forum - criteria as to what is eligible and acceptable does change so getting used to that is good.

    There is also a nomination improvement sub forum. Again good to read the sort things other people are raising and the advice given.

    So you might not have many questions just yet as you are not submitting but reading what other people post initially is a great way to learn.

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    I don't know why you're not able to view the raid if you have a pokemon defending. I've never had that happen. I believe that raids shut down 9pm local time. There is no handbook for Wayfarer just lots of articles to read. There are definitely distance rules regarding the placement of pokestops and gyms but I don't know them. Also rules regarding which nominations become pokestops and which become gyms but again I don't know the rules. I'm not sure it's considered public knowledge.

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    Another option is to join a local pogo chat in your area and pose your questions there (if you aren't already a member). There would likely be someone in there who has experience in nominating local points of interest and can give you tips and advice about how to proceed. That way, you would ideally be able to find out what has or hasn't already been nominated in your area.

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    Remote raiding through defending Pokemon was put to an end by Niantic several updates ago. It was a nice exploit but that's all it was. Please direct further questions to a Pokemon Go related forum.

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