Garbage is not a portal

Title of the Wayspot: Ле Бять

Nakhodka, Russia,132.901811&z=18&pls=43.366083,132.063582,43.74378,135.289429&pll=42.835144,132.901342

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

The correction to neutral Лебедь is rejected. the title uses a distorted, misspelled word Лебедь (Swan), a euphemism, consonant with profanity.

In 2020, it is illegal in Russia to use used tires for decoration or anything else. Such objects are to be disposed of.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Lenin district of Ivanovo clarifies the requirements of the legislation on production and consumption waste.

Removing this swan from the street is a matter of the near future (if it hasn't already happened)



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