Can you explain the disparity between the mindset of Upgrades vs that of Bonus Locations?

In the September AMA you stated "When it comes to the 1 year [bonus location] lock, we have this in place to ensure folks aren’t reviewing in areas they are not familiar with, eliminating the community relevance of a location which would make it interesting to them but not others." Local knowledge is clearly something you value highly, but upgrades push out to a wider audience of reviewers (the whole country, sometimes even different countries in Europe where boundaries cross a lot more, even with different languages or other major cultural differences). Since upgrades are presented as a reward within Wayfarer, how do you reconcile that lack of local knowledge with the fact that the goal of home/bonus location setting is to give the most local knowledge possible? Are upgrades viewed as a tradeoff between accuracy and speed of resolution?

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  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,188 Ambassador

    I think this is a great question.

    I've posted examples locally or in a global setting of various nominations and can see such a different critique of people. Things that may be near & dear to "Midwest" rural life that get scoffed at by suburban folks.

    I see this addressed a lot and even with language barriers with how cell region works in European countries.

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    This is also relevant to the recent review challenges (except Brazil). Users weren't explicitly encouraged to review, but it was also obvious Niantic wanted global participation. This meant many participants reviewed in countries they were entirely unfamiliar with - culturally and language. A friend who participated (and was native) shared an example of a nomination using game terms that was later seen to have been accepted because the language barrier made it difficult to catch.

    Anyways, there is disparity in when Niantic thinks it's convenient for us to review areas we may not be familiar with and what we express ourselves with being comfortable reviewing.

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