Spot approved but not appears in ingress and PoGo


I have à problem. For the 3rd times with a friend we submit a spot and it's approved. It's a library.

But for the 3rd times, IT does not appears in PoGo AND ingress.

As you Can see on the second photo, where it's purple, there is only one spot called "aire de jeux". But next to it, the library should appears.

I need your help because I don't understanding why it does not work.



  • Draxado25-PGODraxado25-PGO Posts: 15 ✭✭

    wayspots need to be atleast 20m apart from each other on creation. otherwise it will be registered in the database, but won't appear in any game!

    for future submission i recommend "wayfarer planner" and "wayfarer exporter" to you. wayfarer exporter is a script for a plugin called "tampermonkey" and reads out your current submissions from wayfarer and writes them in a google spreadsheet. wayfarer planner is an iitc plugin which takes this data and displays it on the intel map (with visible submission and interaction radius). you can also use this in your community to avoid duplicate submissions and plan new wayspots together. and for the "full package" i recommend "pogo tools" aswell.

  • Spa3tacus-INGSpa3tacus-ING Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @Draxado25-PGO questa non la sapevo grazie

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