Why do Good/Great reviewers get less frequent local Reviews than Poor/Fair?

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Why is it set up that Good/Great reviewers receive the majority of their reviews from outside their reviewing range, while Poor/Fair get mostly from their own area? Wouldn't it make more sense for Good/Great reviewers to get reviews from their own area at a higher priority while Poor/Fair get them from farther away in order to encourage good reviewing and help combat Wayfarer Abusers who may review poorly to get more reviews from their area?

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    Is this true? I haven't set a home area and get reviews for the entire country of Japan but think I get loads that are within a hundred km... thought 30km would be helpful for locals

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    It’s been true in my experience and the experience of other people I’ve helped starting out. They’ll start, see a ton of local edits and nominations in a row that even I haven’t seen. And then suddenly, they hit good, and their review list gets clogged with outside-area stuff, and the local stuff is far and few in between. And it’s not just because they ran out of local stuff, I’ve had this happen in reverse when my girlfriend dipped from good to fair and her reviews were all local until she went back to good the next day.

    I’ve even seen a Reddit comment once saying how they’ll tank their rating just to be able to review local stuff. Though YMMV on if they were doing it on purpose or if they were just a bad reviewer in general.

    I’m mostly concerned about this cause it’s ripe for abuse. Rating good stuff low, poor stuff high, just to keep your rating low enough to actually clear the local queue.

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    I feel like this was confirmed at one point, or at least confirming "higher rating reviewers will see a wider range." I'm not sure what the best recourse is for these reviewers - I'm not sure I want them reviewing my local nominations - or ones I've upgraded.

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    I am in North Carolina but I seem to get more nominations from California than from home. And I certainly hope all those aren't upgrades - yuck!

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    I don't think this is entirely true. I am pretty sure I have seen most of my local submissions.

    I'm not even sure good / great gets extended range. I travel weekly to the L6 cell north of me and as long as I log in up there I will see more nominations from up there but once I'm back in my home cell I'm back to normal.

    I have over 33k agreements

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    Just to show what I get for reviewing. I'm normally in Boise Idaho.

    I will see nominations from the area outlined in blue...

    When I go north (Teal dot) I'll get nominations from this area outlined in red

    Getting closer to the border I get nominations from Moscow Idaho but only around the southern half of Moscow.

    I don't see any from Pullman Washington just 8 miles away.

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    I don't think sharing examples invalidates the concern/query of this thread.

    The idea presented in here (and has been eluded to by Nia staff at one point): New reviewers or reviewers with poor/low rating are given less nominations at a time to review. Their eligibility only allows them to see local, home, or bonus locations. As their rating increases, they are allowed to see "upgraded" or otherwise prioritized nominations from within the country of their local area.

    Why is this problematic? Well, Wayfarer is ripe for abuse. One way to facilitate abuse is by keeping reviewing more close to home. Alt accounts are easy to set up and can quickly scan shared local files for presets. Even from a non-abuse stand, a new reviewer in a region without a lot of nominations may struggle to have enough reviews to earn agreements & upgrades.

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    I'm at the very south of the Japanese mainland. Nothing but water everywhere except north.

    I've slowed down reviewing since I don't want Niantic upgrading something for me when I haven't chosen a nomination I'd like to upgrade. If they'd let us bank upgrades even when we had nominations pending then I think it would help clear more of the queue.

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    I feel like it's actually as you review more you start going further away.

    I've been doing very few reviews lately, and have been seeing a lot more local reviews that I remember seeing when I was reviewing a lot a couple of years ago.

    I can't state for certain as I'm in a rural level cell, so end up with all the suburban nominations from within the next cell over. Most of them are still places I've never been.

    I did also have my bonus location located interstate back then as well, so that probably didn't help, it's currently overseas somewhere , and I don't feel like I'm getting too many from there, although I also tend to skip them because I don't understand the language. (Looking forward to being able to move it to somewhere with better English).

    I've remained great throughout, will maybe attempt a large review session tomorrow to see when I start drifting interstate.

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    Thank you, yeah. The point isn't that good/great never see reviews from their area. The point is that good/great reviewers see local reviews at a much less frequent rate than poor/fair. Makes it all the more tempting for abusers to tank their ratings to more easily get the local stuff, and punishes people for good reviewing if they actually want to review local stuff.

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    Interesting. I had never even though about this before. Did anyone ever find the original confirmation of this, or are we just going of our current anecdotal evidence? It should be relatively easy to test though TBH.

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    Isn't distance relative to the type of location you have nominated as home?

    If you are in a city, then you will have a high number of noms coming in, all around you. How far away are you reviewing at great compared to fair?

    I'm with @CheeryDog-PGO , Ive never had anything other than noms from the entire country to review, and am at a regional location.

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    I currently reside on the the East Coast on the United states. In good/great, I get stuff all the way from Washington and California. None of my friends who were in Fair/Poor starting out ever got that far away, only whenever they bumped up to Good/Great.

    Current anecdotal evidence, but from enough people that I think it's worth looking into. It's be kind of hard to test since we would need either a bunch of people already in poor/fair to review and track data, or a bunch of people willing to tank their reviewer rating. Both kinds would be tough to recruit for.

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    @NianticDanbocat @NianticTintino pls re-read this and answer this again. Yout misinterpretation in the december AMA is a Bit awkward. Ty

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    @GearGlider-ING in my case it wasn't until I achieved great reviewer that I started receiving reviews from my hometown area. That's why most of my friends don't want to participate in wayfarer.

    Because when they start they have to vote on another cities proposals...

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    Like if it is even possible to have control on your review rating.. I am reviewing now for almost 2,5 years, did over 12K, always scored a great rating, but for inexplicable reasons went to POOR last week...

    I am so motivated on getting my score up high, but do not know where to start.

    And what this whole topic is claiming.. cannot relate to that. Still get those **** French nominations every single time (dude I live in the middle of The Netherlands, I maybe know 4 words of French, but this is nothing new and not the reason of my sudden rating-drop)..

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    @Hanenbow-PGO try beign a little more polite. I cannot read the * word, but i think it isnt nice.

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