Is Wayfarer access for Pikmin Bloom (or Transformers Heavy Metal) on the Wayfarer roadmap?

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When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite permanently closes next month, the game will have existed for over two and a half years without receiving Wayfarer access. Having been a day one player who was active with the game for most of it's existence, I know many people who played the game and would have loved to contribute to, and benefit from the Wayfarer program. I'm sure that many active Ingress and Pokemon Go players would have loved to benefit from a larger and more prominent Wayfarer community as well.

With that being said, I would hate to see Pikmin Bloom and Transformers Heavy Metal go the same route as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, potentially existing for years and shutting down before ever gaining access to Wayfarer.

Pikmin Bloom is honestly a wonderful candidate for Wayfarer access, because the game's mechanics actively encourage you to explore new and different places. This provides great opportunities for players to explore places that have no Wayspots, as opposed to Pokemon Go or Ingress which largely hinder you from playing in areas that lack Portals/Pokestops.

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