What is being done to educate reviewers on how to use Google Maps?

What is being done to educate reviewers on how to use Google Maps? There's a surprising amount of people who generally don't know how to use the various options in Google Maps. Basic things like switching to Satellite View, using Pegman to view Street View, exiting out of a Photosphere, moving around in Street View, etc. This lack of understanding negatively affects submissions when the default view is incorrect and the Reviewer simply accepts what they're seeing. For example, the most common problem is when Wayfarer pulls the "closest" Photosphere and it's a Photosphere that has been wrongly placed or from a totally different area. I submitted something outside but it was defaulting to a Photosphere inside a building. The submission got repeatedly rejected for mismatch location even though the Location Pin, Main Photo, and Supporting Photo all pointed to the fact that the object was outside and not inside this building. Supporting statement even specified that Photosphere was incorrect and the Location Pin was outside. So basic education on how to use Google Maps is needed as well as emphasis to not to depend solely on Photospheres when verifying locations.

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    Yup. I had a rest area at a beach rejected because it couldn't be found... but it was right there in the overhead satellite if people took half a minute to look. There is a photosphere but best guess is that it never showed for them.

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