Nominations Need to be Reworded and Reworked

When submitting a new Wayspot, it would be helpful to reword and rework what is being asked at each step of the nomination process.

"Show the Surrounding Area" should specify that the Supporting Photo should include the object being submitted in the photo as well as identifiable landmarks to help reviewers locate the object.

"Show Why Your Nomination Is Important" should specify why the submitter believes their submission fits criteria, evidence that supports their belief, and directions on how to locate their Wayspot. Currently, submitters read "Explain why you believe your Pokestop nomination is important and what Trainers will see there." and then they explain why they need a Pokestop ("No Pokestops here. We need MORE Pokestops!") and literally what people standing at that location will see there ("You will see a bench"). None of this is helpful at all in understanding why this submission fits criteria or where it's located.

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