Wayfarer Ambassador Program + Official Wayfarer Twitter Account - Jan 2022

Hello Explorers, 

I’m incredibly excited to announce two very exciting updates for 2022! We will be launching our very own Wayfarer Ambassador Program and our very own Official Wayfarer Twitter! 

Wayfarer Ambassador Program

From my first day as the Community Manager I’ve been looking forward to launching this program and we are almost there! While there will be many more details in Jan. 2022, this program will be an opportunity for Explorers to leverage their experiences and make a real impact for the Wayfarer Community. From sharing thoughts and ideas to aiding as a voice for the community, Ambassadors will have a fun time engaging with the Community Manager and many more perks! 

Official Wayfarer Twitter

We are getting an official Twitter account! We are very excited to have our very own Wayfarer Twitter to share information and engage with you all and many other Explorers that may not be using the Wayfarer Forum. This will give us a vast platform to reach more Explorers and share in all of the joys of exploration together. 

While there are no set dates just yet, I’ll make sure to jump back onto this thread when those are finalized to share with you all! We’re excited to bring you more ways to engage with us and share your feedback to keep improving our exploration experience. Check out the discussion HERE!

Until then, Safe Exploring! 

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