Gating Wayfarer Functions by Total Contributions/Level/Tiers

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Based on a simple post, right now the current requirements you need to access Wayfarer is to get to Level 38 in Pokemon GO, or Level 10 in Ingress. Once you get there, you automatically get all rights: editing, reviewing, nominating. As if experience is considered a sound indicator of determining whether someone should be eligible for those.

You could consider tiering. Someone who just reached Level 38 should not immediately have access to 40 nominations off the bat, and are treated exactly equally as someone who has reviewed 80k wayspots. So think in regards to the daily accrual of contributions in this post:

Level 1 Wayfinder: 1 Every Other Day Accrual | 5 Daily Max
Level 2 Wayfinder: 1 Every Other Day Accrual | 10 Daily Max | Grant the ability for Wayfinders to use existing gallery photos for this level and above
Level 3 Wayfinder: 1 Daily Accrual | 20 Daily Max | Double Edit/Photo/Reporting/Scanning Accrual & Max
Level 4 Wayfinder: 1 Daily Accrual | 40 Daily Max | Double Edit/Photo/Reporting/Scanning Accrual & Max | Increase of editing distance
Level 5 Wayfinder: 2 Daily Accrual | 80 Daily Max | Triple Edit/Photo/Reporting/Scanning Accrual & Max | Sharp increase of editing distance

I had asked a variant of this in the September 2021 AMA but it was overlooked.

Of course, if this is way too much to implement, then maybe just consider gating all the contributions in-game behind the Wayfarer test.

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