When an existing wayspot changes, when to request edits vs. when to request removal?

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When major changes are made to a point of interest, can you please clarify when it is appropriate to request edits to the existing wayspot, and when it is necessary to request removal of the existing wayspot and potentially submit a new wayspot?  Specifically, I am hoping for guidance that covers the following types of changes:

- A place of worship changes its name while retaining the same congregation.

- A place of worship changes its name because the old congregation moved out and a new congregation moved in.

- All the equipment at a playground is removed and replaced with new equipment. The new playground occupies the same physical area as the old playground.

- All the equipment at a playground is removed and replaced with new equipment nearby, but not in quite the same location (say, 40 meters away).

- A mural is painted over with an entirely unrelated mural.

- A sculpture is replaced with an unrelated sculpture in the same location.

- A restaurant is replaced by a different, unrelated restaurant

- A retail store is replaced by a different, unrelated retail store

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    Yeah the mural thing bugs me. Apparently the right method is to take a picture of the new mural, submit it to be added as a new picture for the old mural wayspot and submit an edit for the title and text, wait for the picture and edit review to come back as either not the right picture/text or as a duplicate, appeal the decision and have a wayfarer forum moderator realize the new picture/text is for the new mural, Viola! the old painted over mural is now changed........

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    This MUST be conveyed into the standard criteria/guidelines page. To be clear, we shouldn't have to beg for this to be answered in an AMA, this should have been rolled into the help page by now.

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    I see this is kind of an old discussion, but I'm hoping for some help. I am thinking I may not have followed the right steps to editing a wayspot. The public library built a new building, but the old building is still a wayspot with the library as title/description/photo. The new library is now a separate wayspot of its own. The old building is now a clinic, so I did not want to report it as a duplicate. I submitted a change of title and description to reflect the clinic info and submitted a new photo with the clinic's sign. Was that the right thing to do?

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    No, you should have requested its removal as it's no longer related to the original poi

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