Wayfarer 4.4 Release Notes - Last release of the year!

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Hello Explorers! We’re excited to ship Wayfarer 4.4. Here’s what it includes

New “What is it” question

As we mentioned in the November Product Update, Wayspot nomination and edit experiences in Pokémon GO will soon include a question on “category”, which is the same as the “What is it” question in the Wayfarer reviews. With this update, nominations will require a Wayspot category to be selected. 

So we’ve updated the ‘What is it?’ question on nomination reviews, to include the categories submitted with the nomination. We’re changing this to be a yes/no response, as well as providing a drop-down for you to select another as you see fit. 

Wayspot categories that are submitted with the Nomination will help reviewers better understand what you are nominating. Category submissions on live Wayspots will be optional as with other edits, and will be funneled through to Wayfarer for you to validate as well. They will not contribute to your Agreements since we don’t technically generate agreements on them.

Nomination Appeals

Your rejected nominations may be appealed from within Wayfarer! When you view the details of a rejected contribution, you’ll see the top 2 reasons the community rejected it, and a button to Appeal this decision to Niantic. 

You’ll be allowed to appeal contributions one-time per contribution, to Niantic. Appeals will be limited to one (1) appeal per 30d from the date of your first appeal. In addition, you’ll have a chance to further explain in writing why your nomination should be accepted by Niantic. 

Appealed nominations cannot be edited after it has been submitted to Niantic, but you can track the status from your Nomination Management page. Upgrades may not be applied to Appealed nominations. Niantic will review your appeal and send you an email when a decision has been made, with a written explanation from us. This does not apply to contributions that have been reported. Review times are not guaranteed at this time, but we will be tracking it over time to see whether the appeal limits could be adjusted.

Update: Note that when you submit an appeal you will not currently get an email confirmation that you've appealed. Please check your Nominations Management page for updates.

Anonymous and Private Abuse Reporting

You’ll now be able to submit abuse reports to us from the Help pages in Wayfarer! We heard a lot of prior feedback directly to us that abuse reporting in the forum made many of you feel vulnerable, especially in cases that involve trolling and harassment. With this new method, you’ll be able to quietly report things to us. It also allows us to better ticket and track each report, rather than using the forum features to do so. Look for the chat button on the bottom right of the Help page to open up a reporting flow. This chat will remain on screen as you navigate to other pages, until you close the chat or reload the website. We’ll temporarily keep the General Discussion & Appeals categories abuse discussion in the Forum open until the end of the year, and will be addressing those reports at a slower rate than through the Help page. Please do not submit duplicate reports during the transition period.

Safe Exploring!

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