Adding nominator sections to Wayfinder ratings

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Currently, our only evaluation item for Wayfinder is as a reviewer.

It' s a rating, a number of reviews, a number of approvals, a number of rejections, and a number of duplicates.

Can we add a nominator section to this?

I would like to see the rating, number of nominations, number of approvals, number of rejections, number of duplicates, etc. for each wayspot candidate I submit as a nominator.

This would encourage nominators to submit better quality wayspots, which in turn would reduce the number of low-quality wayspot submissions.

In the future, we can also consider increasing the number of nominations or automatic upgrades for GREAT and limiting the number of nominations for POOR, depending on the nominator's rating.

I've also attached a thread with my suggestions.

I hope you will consider it.

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  • I am kinda against this for one reason. I personally submit great wayspots these days, and yes occasionally they are rejected for no reason. But in the beginning I was very new and this was when criteria wasn’t very clear, and I submitted some terrible nominations and they got (correctly) rejected. But since then I have been mostly a reviewer, because I like to help others with absolutely 0 stops in like 50 miles. Anyways my point is that I have only ever submitted 20 wayspots and my first 7 were rejected. Even though I know what I am doing that would look really bad, because of those first few nominations. So maybe start displaying it when you have got up to submitting 40+ nominations.

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    Without seeing the details of the wayspot candidate you submitted, I can't make a judgment, but even a good candidate can be rejected if it has flaws.

    However, even a good candidate can be rejected if it has flaws, such as an incorrect title or description, unclear photos, or incorrect location information.

    I have been rejected on occasion, but if you check my nomination carefully, you will find that in most cases, there is something that the reviewers could not find.

    This can be solved by learning how to submit better.

    I am sure you can do the same.

    On the other hand, there are many cases of bad wayspot candidates being approved by the abusive community.

    This is because there is no reputation on the part of the nominator, so no matter how bad they are, they can continue to submit as long as their account is not banned.

    In order to break this vicious cycle, the nominator's evaluation is also necessary.

    No one wants to get a bad grade.

    It is important to work on the human psychology.

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    I think the score evaluation regarding the application is important. The evaluation that you can see from yourself is especially important, but I think it would be desirable to make the evaluation figures for POI units visible to all in some way.

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