Proposal on correcting the imbalance between suburban and urban areas

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Is it possible to set it so that if the number of suggestions within a certain range exceeds the standard value, it will be harder for rare items or Pokémon to appear within that range? This is because people who enthusiastically make suggestions around their home tend to repeat their suggestions intensively within a very small area, but the number of times they do so is unusually high (10 or more), and they tend to repeat them over and over until they reach a POI. Normally, I think such suggestions are the kind that should be discouraged. As a deterrent, why not halve the appearance rate of rare items and Pokémon when the number of POI suggestions exceeds a certain value? I think that this would encourage people to go out to the suburbs and correct the imbalance between suburban and urban areas.

Note: Please note that the rate of occurrence does not decrease as the number of POIs increases, but according to the number of proposals. This means that only a small part of the urban area may be concentrated and present, but almost the majority of the suburban area is irrelevant. I'm sure you've also noticed that places in the suburbs that have POIs comparable to urban centers tend to have higher substandard POIs and fakes.

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