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We use upgrades when our submissions are stuck in voting for a long time.

But we can only use them when we want to 'create new wayspots'.

We submitters can also submit 'location edits', 'adding photos', 'title edits', 'description edits'.

However, we cannot use upgrades for them, we have to wait for a long time to get the results.

As is well known, there aren't enough reviewers now. It doesn't seem to easy to solve this problem. However, waiting too long can discourage our motivation for submitting.

In order to reduce waiting time, I think upgrade system is also needed for these edit submissions.

It is important that submitters have an option that we can control (shorten) waiting time if we want to.

Do you have any ideas for this problem, Niantic?

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  • Roli112-PGORoli112-PGO Posts: 2,230 Ambassador

    I see many issue/complications with this idea, im gonna list them:

    1. Edits get lumped together with other edit types and even with other people edit suggestions. So how would the system handle upgrading it, would it be just 1 type of edit? all of your edits for that waypoint? everyones edits for that waypoint? Can multiple people upgrade the same edit?
    2. Edits are kept local so those who might be familiar with the areaw review them. Upgrading them to a larger audience would defeat this purpose.
    3. All of this is just a bandaid to the real issue of not enough reviewers and very backed up turnaround times. Upgraded edits are just going to make non upgraded ones take even longer.
    4. I can't even keep up upgrading everything i nominate (and i have to upgrade every single one or wait 2.5 years), now i have to choose between nominations and edits? Keep in mind, you can suggest way more edits than you can nominations, no way to keep up upgrading so much.
    5. Brings up the potential abuse of spamming a location edit until it gets approved to manipulate gameboards.

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