Target Sphere is literally the definition of not meeting criteria

This is literally a red target ball and the WAYFARER page uses it as an example of "Does not meet eligibility criteria" Why would my in game report of invalid be denied? Why did I have to waste so much time especially on this portal!

Target Sphere,-87.950898&z=17&pll=42.153994,-87.950898

Owner: RawwRs

Portal Level: 6

Portal Energy: 85%

Links: 2 in + 0 out (max 8)

Fields: 1

Link Range: 225.187km


CS: RawwRs 

CS: RawwRs 

Mitigation: 88


R5: 85% RawwRs

R6: 85% RawwRs

R7: 85% RawwRs

R8: 85% RawwRs

R8: 85% RawwRs

R7: 85% RawwRs

R5: 85% RawwRs

R3: 85% RawwRs

Google Maps -,-87.950898

Apple Maps -,-87.950898

Waze -,-87.950898



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