Lightship database allows eligible Wayspot nominations, inside in-game geo-blocked locations...

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Can this be remedied?

So as of 11/30/2020 the eligibility of Wayspots that are open to residents or the general public in/on military property has been rectified, per @NianticGiffard's post here

This is great news and a wonderful move to be more inclusive! However in-game (Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikmin Bloom, etc) the games still have OSM level geo-blocks for spawns, flowers, XM...

Can the military-tag geo-block be lifted? Or can say, overlapping tags for residential/retail/playground/park etc areas override the military area tag, instead of the other way around like it is now? That way Niantic games can continue to be inclusive and these eligible Wayspots can have actual use.


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