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From the End of Summer Lookback:

New Features for Contribution Management: The “Nominations” page will be renamed “Contributions”, and will see many new features that we think you’ll love. In particular, more control over how your Upgrades are applied, appealing your rejected nominations, and tracking the status and impact of all your contribution types (e.g. edits, nominations, photo submissions). Think of this as your Explorer archives and your one-stop-shop for tracking your impact across Niantic games. We’re actually really excited about the concept of an archive of your adventures and are already researching more ways to evolve the Contribution Management experience next year. 

Given Niantic Profiles exist already, I'd like there to be some sort of way to share or even just display some Wayfarer-related and contribution stats somewhere, maybe even on Wayfarer. It would make Wayfarer a bit more social. For example:

New stats shown:

  • Number of title/description edits approved | Proportion of edits approved against total
  • Number of photo submissions approved
  • Private stat: how many things you've reported and successfully removed (I am probably around the sixty mark, legit)
  • A heat map of where your contributions are (i.e. that archive of your adventures concept), some Wayfarer plug-ins do this already.

See how your region fares:

  • This could be split by country, your immediate reviewing cell, maybe include statistics from both your home and bonus locations (if applicable)
  • How many reviewers in your cell, how many new wayspots in the last week/month
  • How many reviews you've done relative to others, top 10 reviews or agreements earned leaderboard?

Social aspect (subject to whether this is enabled or not):

  • Your Wayfarer profile can be enabled to display some of your most recent approvals
  • A gallery of some of your recent photo approvals, as well as a collection of your most liked (thumbs up) photo across the games
  • Enable sharing of Wayfarer profiles, be able to be friends via the Wayfarer platform which funnels friendship across the Niantic platform

Wayfarer has a lot of potential at the moment, but because it is so inherently tied to the games, it is really much just for the games. This might be one way to answering the question of "how do I get people to review... but who don't even play Pokemon GO or Ingress?" It would help bring more people more to the platform. Considering that the amount of use cases the Lightship POI platform is about to go exponential thanks to the Lightship things recently, this might be a good idea once the Lightship Map is live (if it ever will be).

Idk, just my two cents. Probably unpopular.

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    Yup, wayfarer is tied to the games, but not all of us review/nom for the games! For myself, I'm building a virtual historical info and interest tour! Ive now got more information about my town visible virtually, than our useless local government has in RL. That no player can see all of them, is a little disappointing, but I know they are there!

    My aim was never to form clusters, or submit for the sake of submitting, I wanted to create pathways, to engage players to be able to walk a tour loop. That I can't actually do that, because of wayfarer criteria as it relates to gameplay, is maybe something that could be adapted through wayfarer at a later date for a non gaming situation. However, having ppl without some kind of vested interest nominating, is not a good idea. If you think the coal is bad now....

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