Is it possible to implement that we can see Google StreetView while we nominate?

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For example,

  1. Two restaurants next to each other
  2. someone published a photosphere of the interior of restaurant A
  3. you nominate the sign of restaurant B next to restaurant A
  4. the pin get too close to restaurant A so it show the photosphere instead.
  5. some reviewers reject the nomination for Mismatch location because they can not see the sign.

or when the StreetView is way too old: now it is a village, but StreetView still a grassland or forest —need to take photosphere to update the area. I saw countless nominations like this.

Giving us the ability to see StreetView while nominating might be able to prevent the rejection of what could be ‘eligible’.

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  • PlutoIsSad-PGOPlutoIsSad-PGO Posts: 188 ✭✭✭

    I've had the mismatched location because of old Street View rejection. Reviewers were really looking hard because things still matched up but... had to submit a photosphere to get it through. I photosphere a lot now but then need to check to see they've uploaded safely to the correct location.

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