Standardization of the rules for the appearance

We call for a standardization of the rules for the appearance of stops and we want it now! We want to have ALL accepted POI`s in ALL games, bc all of them are based on the same database! For more #MeetYouOutThere!

We could have so many more points to go out and discover new places, that’s your general slogan, right? Especially in Pokémon, we have been calling for the reduction of the stop cells to a minimum or rather the removal of the stop cells for years. The system is simply outdated and we want a revolution here too!

This is the main problem, because the cells for Pokéstops are just too large and many things can’t be submitted or appear in Pokémon at all. But these too have their raison d’être. There is a reason that they have been accepted and are available in the database! They also contribute to discovering the world and going out.


Wayfarer is getting more and more frustrating and it is a shame that groups of players in individual games are being cheated on at this point and only a small fraction of them can really benefit from all the work, because

•How many stops are there that are not available for most games?

•People do the work, submit it and rate it for upgrades but only get the answer that they have been rejected, or you get the promise and still nothing appears, even though it has been accepted by both instances!

•Players submit for all games but benefit from only a fraction and players from other games submit things that others cannot benefit from either!


Many changes are submitted and Wayspot requests are made to specify a slightly changed location so that they can appear in all games. If both games have the same waypoints, editing requests are greatly reduced.

In addition, there are places and countries that invite more people to play and have more stops than others. This is also used by spoofers. Why don’t you approach it in general, but only about Wayfarer challenges for individual countries? Everyone benefits from a change, but mostly the small towns and countries, which in turn would lead to more fun and more players.

We understand that you want to make us go out more and do something. But not like this! Even with more stops, the game can be well balanced, even without big timeouts.

Cross-game changes have already been made to the games. Our friends have already been connected. Completion of playing cards could lead to more satisfaction, acceptance and fairness.

Listen to the players. Especially after the removal of many stops in Pokémon and the ensuing outcry from players, the desire for more stops is well known. We do not want to hear it may be that we will use this proposal in the future. -No, use them all now and for everyone!

Please rethink this and develop general rules that apply to all games so that we can all benefit from it! There is so much more to discover!


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