When will the promised test for submitters be implemented?

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When will the test for submitters be added? Will it be required for people already at the level to be able to submit? It would be a good idea, especially for those that have not at least passed the reviewer test to have to pass a test to keep submitting.

Today alone out of about 50 reviews, I have had 3 vape shops, 6 K-12 schools, and a variety of other submissions that either fall under rejection criteria (including several that mention Pokestop or similar in the description) or just do not meet criteria for approval. It is quite obvious that a lot of people that submit have either not read or cannot comprehend the criteria. Implementing the test may cut down on some of the junk being submitted and speed up the queues for eligible submissions.

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  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,066 Ambassador

    It’s already there. For any new level 10 (Ingress) or level 38 (Pokémon GO) players, they cannot submit until they have passed the Wayfarer test.

    Then after they can both submit and review.

    It does nothing for those who already hit those levels before said test to submit, and haven’t read the criteria.

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