Pokestop Editing Overhaul - All Edit Information in 1 Nomination

Editing pokestops can be a pain sometimes. Often the title and picture are old and outdated. Other times, areas such as trails are completely remade with a new name and sign, yet the Title and Description are submitted separately from the photo edit.

Would it be possible to make the editing process similar to the creation process? For example, you could rename a stop, change it's description, and add a photo, then submit it. This would eliminate the current system, where photo additions are often rejected due to the Title edit not being accepted yet, leaving reviewers to judge the new photo by the old title.

Going back to making the editing process easier, by no means by it an exact copy of the submission maker, rather a simplified version that only "submits" the parts that you edited, meaning if you only changed the title in your submission, only the title would show up on the edit's nomination

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