Clarification on Stewardship

For a while I've been pondering this quote from the September AMA (which can be found at for anyone curious):

"We are really into this idea of having a smaller group of Explorers who are ranked to be our map stewards who get to help out smaller communities, but have not finalized on that design yet, but, we’ll get there!"

I can imagine you haven't finalized that design in a scant 2 1/2 months, but I was curious if more details could be divulged, or if we could at least work for now on the vagueness of that concept.

The aforementioned quote was made in response to a question about mitigating the nomination queue, but I've thought "steward" might be more far-reaching than just having more voting power, which is why I seek clarification on the details and scope.

Between my lovely girlfriend and I, we've manifested numerous POIs and as a result roughly 125 additional Pokémon GO gyms across several counties in our greater area of play, a huge point of pride for my dorky self. It perhaps goes without saying that I know a thing or two about these stomping grounds, and I love to stomp my way into new grounds.

So, at the risk of looking arrogant and self-congratulatory, I could think of several ways that I and others as "stewards" could influence Wayfarer: Could we have greater voting power? Could we access/edit POIs across the board and not specifically our game of choice? Could I have more leeway with a location edit? Could we have more explicit ways of manipulating how in-game content manifests? (Let's be honest, some stops better qualify for Gym traffic than others.) Could I get a cute badge in-game to flex? And I'm absolutely blasting off for the moon here, but could we have access to information such as playerbase to POI proportion, where our services are needed, where they're paying off the most, etc.?

I'm sure my imagination has raced far ahead of the reality of the situation, but this is why I turn to you now, to have an idea of what's to come. :)

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